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The 30th Anniversary

21 October 2016

My name is Jackie. I am a resident of Manchester. I am a professional entrepreneur and I own a company. When you are in the profession of entrepreneurship, you are just in it for all your time. You just don’t have time for anything else. I am a man and just like any other man, I too have certain desires and needs. I like the company of women. But it’s been quite some time since I stopped dating. My last relationship ended due to my unavailability and shortage of time. I could never give her enough of my time and this led her to take the decision to move on with a new guy who could show up to her, who could give her all his time, who could buy her flowers and who didn’t have any life apart from his relationship with this woman. And hence I don’t regret being single again.

But my mum has regrets. She wants me to date someone again. And because I’m not, she sometimes doubts my sexual orientation.

“Don’t you have any desires? Why can’t I see you with any woman? You know what I mean.” She often comes up with such question which I fail to answer.

“I have everything apart from time. Time is money.” This is what all I could tell her in my response. And it is everytime unsatisfactory for her.

Anyway, it was my parents’ 30th marriage anniversary and they had arranged for a ball dance party. And I was forced to show up with a partner no matter what. A female partner whose waist I could hold and sway among people. It was a tough thing for me deal with. I had never been into so much distress even while handling high ass clients of my business. But this was something different.

I could have picked up any girl from any local bar. But I didn’t want to do that. So after a lot of research, I came across this Shush Escorts. They promised to provide elite escort models of highest order. And hence I booked one for myself.

The day of anniversary arrived and so did she. It took her a while to get sunk in my life. But she did. She was trained to do that.

And as I reached the anniversary venue, everyone was looking just at me. Precisely Cindy, the woman by my side. OH, I forgot to mention. Her name is Cindy. And I also forgot to mention that I lie just between being average and ugly in terms of looks and I even have a pot belly.

“Nice choice, son,” my uncles came in awe of the woman I had in my arms. “Where did you find her?”
“Umm. I met her at an international conference. She is an Italian.” I lied. Cindy heard me and greeted my uncle in an Italian accent. She was wise enough.

The party ended pretty well and my mum was happy to see me with a classy Manchester escort. At the end, I thanked her for accompanying me and saving my ass. And off course my male pride.


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